Compliant Messaging


Compliant messaging or HIPAA messaging is a secure messaging system that is used by health care companies and other medical entities in order to have medical information protected. However, authorized users can easily access to patients sensitive information without compromise. There are many platforms and apps that provide secure messaging that meet healthcare standards, and it is an alternative way of traditional text messaging. One of the features that comes with it is that administrators can monitor encrypted messages and any other transmission that meets HIPAA regulations.

Not only it helps with the easy flow of sensitive information along with employee’s, but it also increase productivity, enhance workflows among employee’s, and raised the standard of healthcare for all patients. So, the question is how does secure text message works? Apps that allow secure text messaging work by giving access to software-as-a-service on demand platform to send and receive encrypted messages that complies with the HIPAA regulations. Thanks to administrative controls provided, it is to safeguard the integrity and to physically safeguard of the HIPAA security rule.

Whenever an authorized user wants to communicate patient information that is sensitive, the person who is receiving (recipient) gets a notification linking to the information. However, the authorized user can access it after he puts his authentication credentials such as his password and username. After that, the recipient can read the message, send replies, and upload attachments. Thanks to this feature, the HIPAA text message platforms lets multiple parties to be involved in the same objective on the patient’s healthcare. As a result work productivity is increased while cost are reduced greatly. Also it is much easier for doctors and physicians to access patient’s information such as consults, diagnosis, laboratory results, treatment sessions, and patient discharges. All of this can be accessed by secure messaging.

There are many features that comes with the HIPAA compliant messaging system. All of these features makes it possible to meet with HIPAA regulations. These are some of the features that comes with it. Healthcare employees can communicate from a desktop computer or mobile device on the app for secure messaging, which lets them to send and receive on the go with secure texting. There is no need for follow up emails or phone calls. Instead, you’ll get a notification confirming the delivery of secure messages and read receipts letting know the sender that the message has been read.

messaging Another feature such as message recall, message life span, and remoter wipe to help remove the threat of sensitive information from being compromised if a mobile is stolen or lost. Message life span is a feature that gives you the ability to assign a pre-determined life span to the message. In other words, you can set an expiration time to the message so the recipient has a time limit to see the message. The integration with corporate directory is another feature that comes with the HIPAA message system. This allows administrators to manage accessibility settings and authorized user can quickly find each other within their network.