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Making Glass Bongs

glass-bongsBlown glass bongs, they are not just for smoking anymore. These amazing creations are taking on the form of high end art as more and more artists are finding their niche in this art form. There are designs for any person’s taste; delicate, sensual, modern, abstract, macabre, and anything else that you can imagine. These bongs come in any shape from the simple basic shape to the most complex and intricate. There are even those that glow in the dark! There are bongs that have no resemblance to, what one would think of, as an old fashioned bong. The art of blowing glass into bongs takes a steady hand, a patient mind and an artistic talent. The art of blowing glass is an ancient art dating back thousands of years, and now with the new art of making bongs, it shows no sign of disappearing. Glass bongs are very popular for smoking and are offered by Bong Outlet at the most affordable prices. Buy your glass bong online!

The art of blowing glass has its roots in ancient history, however the type of glass blowing being done by the bong making artists, of today, is more modern. This type of glassblowing is actually known as lampworking. Since a lamp, and nowadays, a torch is used this is how it gets its name. Lampworking for the basic was used centuries ago, but not until the 1960’s did this become an art form. The modern lamp worker uses a torch that is fueled by; natural gas, propane or oxygen. Most bongs are made from a type of glass known as borosilicate. This type of glass is more durable, and handles temperature changes well. It doesn’t react by cracking during warming and cooling, which is important in making a bong. The art of blowing glass has come a long way from its roots, and into the modern form of a bong.

How Glass Blowing Works

Glass has to be heated to a point where it is malleable, or basically can be shaped without breaking. Glass melts at temperatures of 3500 to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit so safety equipment is a must, such as shaded safety glasses. With the glass being that hot special tools are needed to mold and shape the glass. Some of the tools used are; paddles, lathes, marver, reamer, and many more. To shape the piece, the artist blows air through a blow hose into the glass all while rotating it to give it a consistent shape and form. This give the glass a uniform shape and look. A kiln is also needed to help heat the glass uniformly and give it a final shockproof treatment for temperature changes.