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Glass Blown Bongs, The New Art

heat-the-glassThough some of these artistic bongs are so intricate it is hard to imagine that they started out as a single tube of glass, but they did. Each artist has their own style of shaping glass, but almost all of them start from a single clear tube of glass.

They heat the glass till they can stretch and cut the glass, and start shaping it into their unique art piece. Color pieces are added and shaped, and during some of these processes the heat needs to be adjusted to create the specific look that the artist is after. This process takes a great amount of patience and a very steady hand. The bong is actually made of several pieces that are each shaped on their own and melted together to form an entire bong. The art of making a glass blown bong is a very time consuming, yet rewarding skill.

Current lamp worker artists are constantly pressing the envelope to show their skills, and create new and engaging pieces of art. These glass blown bongs can be shaped into amazingly intricate forms. Artists have made bongs with designs put into the glass, and even the glass itself shaped into various forms. They are also designing bongs that can even glow in the dark. To create a glow in the dark bong, the lamp worker must use glow glass powders that are fused into the glass as they work it. This can be done throughout the entire piece or an individual part of the bong. There is glass blown bongs in art galleries around the country, making these modern bongs high end pieces, that can be worth a lot of money.

The bong has a mysterious history, as there is no distinct beginning to when the first bong was used.

Many people believe that the bong has a long history, and that its roots can be found centuries ago. Glass blowing dates back to BC times and has been used to create an assortment of things, including the modern bong. Though both the modern artistic lampworking, and the modern bong are only a few decades old the combination of the two seems to have a very vivid and evolving future. As new artists discover this field, and with them come new ideas we have yet to see just how amazing the art of glassblowing a bong can be.